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With times being very different in LOCKDOWN we can find it difficult to keep motivated on fitness.  Running, cycling and walking are great, but if you are losing motivation or fancy a change try our Private Personal Training, Online Personal Training or our popular Norwich BOOTCAMPS held at Whitlingham Country Park & Catton Park.  Working with a trainer or small group can help keep you motivated and positive.   

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  • Absolutely love the bootcamps with Craig. They’re challenging but fun and are fine for any ability. Highly recommend

    Holly Wegg Avatar
    Holly Wegg
  • I love these bootcamp, great fun but still challenging! Would recommend to anyone at any fitness level! Thank you Craig and Stu!

    Eloise Kedzlie Avatar
    Eloise Kedzlie
  • I have been training with Criag for about a year.Although I have a specific need due to my health conditions when I first started.Now I feel a lot stronger, healthier. Craig has bring the best out of me! A lot of technique , knowledge , very patient 😊 also good friend. If you looking for a PT ! He’s is the one I totally recommend.

    Nok Metta Avatar
    Nok Metta
  • Zoom sessions are hard work but a lot of fun. Craig is very encouraging. Definitely recommend 👍

    Natasha Moore Avatar
    Natasha Moore
  • Absolutely fantastic bootcamp run by Craig and Stuart. Extremely friendly, motivational and fun. Whatever your fitness levels are, they cater for everyone. Really look forward to the classes. Well done boys!💪💪💪

    Layla Mccarthy Avatar
    Layla Mccarthy
  • For the last 8 years I’ve been a dedicated gym attendee and spin class addict. Since lockdown forced me to consider the alternative I’ve been hooked! Never in a million years would I have believed I’d be doing my workouts outside, in all weathers, and LOVING IT! Craig and Stu use their knowledge and enthusiasm to create sessions which challenge all abilities, different each time, and promote hard work through encouragement and friendly banter. The scenery is beautiful too!

    Emma Frost Avatar
    Emma Frost
  • Fantastic bootcamp sessions. value for money. Pay as you go. well worth it. a good all round body workout at your level of fitness. Craig is welcoming and encouraging. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Don't forget to like the page.

    Matrex Burbage Avatar
    Matrex Burbage
  • I go to Craig's weekly core conditioning classes. I like the way he varies the exercises each week, he always demonstrates how the exercises should be done to get the maximum benefit and gives options if too challenging. He is always patient and friendly and is a great motivator.

    Dean Garner Avatar
    Dean Garner
  • Having attended plenty of exercise classes in the past I have to say Craig's bootcamps are my absolute favourite, they are engaging, fun and a great workout.Craig is patient when you need a little more guidance and even if its pouring down with rain the sessions fly by.Couldn't recommend more and perfect for all levels of fitness.

    Amber Blackaby Avatar
    Amber Blackaby
  • Craig's popular Core Conditioning classes are good fun and a good work out, and they always vary slightly each week. Craig demonstrates each exercise at the beginning of the class and he offers several alternatives if you've got an injury or weak spot, and he will come and show you on the way round if you forget what to do. The music is great, and I always seem to enjoy the exercises more the second time round the circuit! Thanks Craig for the interesting exercises!

    Judith Garner Avatar
    Judith Garner
  • Craig is very punctual and focused. He has a very good understanding of individual needs and tailors the programme accordingly. He is always enthusiastic,attentive and motivated to help people reach their goals. I would highly recommend Craig to all those who are looking for a personal trainer.

    Janaki CNV Avatar
    Janaki CNV
  • I’ve been going to sessions with Craig for the last 3 weeks and am really enjoying it! I’ve always felt intimidated by gyms and Ifind our sessions really relaxed and friendly and am made to feel comfortable regardless of ability! Craig is great at adapting the programme to my needs. Would highly recommend!

    Heather King Avatar
    Heather King
  • I would absolutely recommend Craig for personal training, he is very knowledgeable and manages to keep me motivated even on the days I don’t feel it. His pricing is very reasonable and I get a lot out of each session, he even manages to keep each session interesting by introducing new exercises that are easy to do on your own inbetween sessions.

    Kaya Richardson Avatar
    Kaya Richardson
  • I have been working with Craig for several months and can thoroughly reccommend his PT sessions. As someone with rather tricky requirements (I broke my neck, pelvis, hip and wrist a few years ago and have to be careful with what I do) he has been fantastic in pushing me, whilst remaining appreciative of the physical limitations I have. He is always flexible which really helps as my work diary changes often and at short notice. We have been using Craig's home gym and this is really convenient for my location and has everything you need for a good workout. Highly recommended.

    Alex Walton Avatar
    Alex Walton
  • Great classes & instructors! They’ve brought a sense of normality during COVID-19, as well as a lot of SWEAT 😅

    Lauren Cunningham Avatar
    Lauren Cunningham
  • Great class for all abilities. Always a friendly bunch of people.Rain or shine Craig will be there to motivate us along. An enjoyable class.

    Maria Avatar
  • Excellent workout in the core and conditioning class. Craig is professional, approachable and knowledgeable about fitness training.

    Jenny Robertson Avatar
    Jenny Robertson
  • Craig is a great PT he is very relaxed and approachable and is happy to organise as much or little as you want but keeps pushing you on to improve. His gym is well equipped and is a really nice working space.

    Stuart Bailey Avatar
    Stuart Bailey
  • I have been going to Craig's Core Conditioning class for some time. This is a brilliant class, challenging and with enough variety to keep it interesting. As i have had some injuries when needed Craig has adapted the exercises to stretch me but help my recovery. Recently I have had a couple of sessions to work on specific areas - the sessions were perfectly tailored and easily explained. They are sessions I will be able to fit into my schedule and I know will develop my fitness further. I can't recommend Craig enough - fabulous PT.

    Robert Wagstaff Avatar
    Robert Wagstaff
  • Great Sessions, they change each day so you get a good variety with your workouts which keeps it fresh. come away feeling like I've had a great workout and the guys are friendly and welcoming to boot. Couldn't recommend enough

    Chris Waterhouse Avatar
    Chris Waterhouse
  • Craig and Stu are excellent PT instructors and bring a great fun to their sessions. I am really enjoying the variety even if body doesn't agree the next day.

    Stuart Bailey Avatar
    Stuart Bailey
  • After going for a few months at riverside leisure centre I decided to expand on my fitness which has improved thanks to having personal training by CRAIG JACKSON whom has put me through a number of different workouts outs for each session and pushes you to your limit very happy attending as it’s close to a year now I’m very happy from where I have started thanks for the training most sociable of the river side team

    Shaun wilson Avatar
    Shaun wilson
  • Looking for a fantastic PT..... look no further. Craig at Action Fitness Norwich is a highly recommended PT. Even with very specific needs he has increased my performance within just a few weeks. Looking forward to the rest of my journey with Craig. He is highly motivating and extremely encouraging especially with new challenges. The gym is well equipped and the online program is amazing. It is so easy to use and follow. You will feel relaxed with craig and leave feeling great 👍🏻

    Natalie Day Avatar
    Natalie Day
  • Craig is an excellent coach for PT and Group exercise, he is knowledgeable, friendly and makes you feel at ease straightaway. As someone with a reasonable level of fitness, Craig has written me a programme that is challenging but achievable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for PT in the area.

    Jude Saunders Avatar
    Jude Saunders
  • Fantastic boot camps! Every session is different and caters to each individual ability! Great to be able to workout outdoors. AFN take your health and safety seriously but make working out whilst socially distancing fun!

    Hayley Smith Avatar
    Hayley Smith
  • Craig has taken me for P T on a number of occasions. I find him to be forceful enough to make me work hard but cheerful and knowledgeable to make the sessions great to do. He has help me in my weight loss and after his help my doc was well pleased with my stats. A grateful 65 overweight man. Thank you Craig pleasure to know you

    phil waters Avatar
    phil waters
  • I had never used a gym and started my weekly sessions with Craig with some trepidation but I have come to really enjoy our training sessions.

    Every week I feel stronger and even things I did not think I could do I have managed, and really enjoy. Craig’s encouragement and positive reinforcement to complete the workouts has helped me to lose weight and build core strength and general conditioning which is the reason I started with him. He has given me advice about diet and calorie intake and steady weight loss, and I continue to see improvements each week.

    Craig is very knowledgeable, ensures training is carried out safely and puts you at ease. I would not hesitate to recommend him and I look forward to continue to work with him.

    Katharine Woollett Avatar
    Katharine Woollett
  • Craig is a great personal trainer, always encouraging so you can get the most out of the workout. Has excellent knowledge and no two sessions are the same. Highly recommend!

    Holly Wegg Avatar
    Holly Wegg
  • I look forward to every session (and catching up with the familiar faces, losing count in my own leisurely way).

    Both Craig and Stu are knowledgeable and professional instructors. Come along to the Bootcamps, you will love it.

    Great variety of exercises, never boring or monotonous, always challenging and fun . Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

    Thank you both for all your hard work in putting together great classes aimed at every fitness level.

    Jemma Aaron Avatar
    Jemma Aaron
  • The bootcamps are good fun and a great way to exercise outdoors. There are plenty of options for all levels of fitness and the instructors are friendly and supportive. Would definitely recommend.

    Siobhan O'Neill Avatar
    Siobhan O'Neill

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